Virtual Hosts

A series of inkjet prints of glossy, hieratic and interrogating figures. The ensemble aims to explore so-called virtual worlds, flirting with both surrealism and digital processes: indeed, each image is made by creating a 3D model, and then flattening it when rendering. There's a gap between the idea of a deep, dark and virtual work and its tangible frontier as a screen or a mere image. These images don't allow to dive into them, keeping their secrets for themselves.

When I started to work on the Virtual Hosts series, I didn't even know where to go exactly, nor why I was tempted to do it so. It was an experimentation: the discovering of 3D modeling, shading and rendering. There is something mystical happening when the user get faced with a strange empty space, with its Global-Local-Normal-Gimbal axis and some grid on a non-floor. This space is infinite, but at the same time its infinity is just void. No one can travel there, for the simple reason there is nothing too see. A void, a total void.

In such a universe, suspension is the natural form of existence. Ground, walls and physics, even forms, are driven by arbitral decisions. There's no "natural way" of a form to exist, no materiality, no relationship between a support and a surface, nor even the "data" of the internet. This lack of proofs of the world existence interested me. Everything has to be an import, a decision.

I started to model a unicorn. Generate people. Find ready-made 3D models (finally some data to work on). But still, models were loosing contextualization, and gravity. I gave them some shades in order to appear to the work: they only exist by this thin, infinitely thin layer between inside and outside, as a sort of eggshell that I could paint. I could only represent, and never work of actually something, only the representation. Everything is defined by languages, standardized but not less arbitral codes; as I said, a superimposition of a humongous quantity of decision. And there was I, learning 3D, modeling a unicorn, thinking about the workers who did built the computer I use to make "virtual things". Representations cannot be reached. Language can't be reached. Nor mind. Perception will always bounce of something, as a poor ray of light.

Exhibitions views were shoot by Julien Sales during Pathfinder Degree Show Exhibition at Louise186, 2016, Brussels.

mstkn 100 x 145 Pigment print on archival paper, 3 ex. 2016

An association of pleasant thoughts 100 x 145 Inkjet print on archival paper, 3ex. 2016

xhy 30 x 40 inkjet print on hännemühle archival paper

medousa2 30 x 40 inkjet print on hännemühle archival paper 2016

Disastr 50 x 70 inkjet print on hännemühle archival paper 2016